Top Veneer Step 5 Cuccio - 13ml
Top Veneer Step 5 Cuccio - 13ml


Top Veneer Step 5 Cuccio - 13ml

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Top Coat Step 5
The Soak-Off formula with dispersion layer therefore requires the dispersion layer to be removed after polymerisation (curing) with our Finishing Wipe. For a more intense shine, we suggest waiting a few seconds before removing the dispersion layer after curing.

Our Top Coat - Step 5, being Soak-Off, can be removed using the method of soaking the nails in pure acetone. Using a little acetone with a cotton pad on your nails will not remove the product. It was formulated to finish our gel polish (Cuccio Veneer), but it is also compatible with our gels.

The bottle (13mL) has an inverted design to maximise the use of the product, making it more comfortable to use. This is because it fits perfectly between the professional's fingers, preventing future injuries such as RSI.

It has a brush with DuPont filaments, which are perfect for speeding up and improving the application of the Top Coat.


Cures in just 30 seconds under LED light and 2 minutes under UV light;
Soak Off formula (removable);
Easy to apply and self-levelling;
Liquid viscosity.
Glossy finish on the nail.