Reconstru Hair Recontrução Capilar Efeito Instantâneo 200ml
Reconstru Hair Recontrução Capilar Efeito Instantâneo 200ml
Reconstru Hair Recontrução Capilar Efeito Instantâneo 200ml

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Reconstru Hair Recontrução Capilar Efeito Instantâneo 200ml

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Reconstru Hair Instant Effect 200ml

What type of hair is it for?
Reconstru Hair is suitable for all hair types and hair with or without chemicals that suffers daily from pollution, exposure to the sun, colouring, bleaching, relaxing, straightening, among others, and which leaves the hair fragile.

What does Reconstru Hair do?
One of the main functions of Reconstru Hair is to rebuild brittle hair and provide essential nutrients for the hair to repair itself. Our hair is made up of keratin, which is made up of 19 amino acids. The daily natural aggressions we suffer (such as colouring, bleaching, progressive hair treatments, relaxers and straightening) end up leaving our hair fragile. This is why keratin needs to be replenished through the active ingredients contained in this product.
What is Reconstru Hair used for?
Reconstru Hair is an ally in hair reconstruction treatment. It deposits the missing components in the hair, such as proteins, amino acids and minerals, which are essential for the hair's structure, leaving your hair soft, shiny and super moisturised and reconstructed.

Is Reconstru Hair salt-free?
YES, we don't use salt or any salt-based compounds in the formulation of Reconstru Hair, so the product can be used daily.

How often can I use it?
Reconstru Hair is a conditioning hair treatment for damaged hair. It does not contain heavy chemicals. It replenishes hair moisture, so it can be used daily.

How should I use Reconstru Hair?
Wash your hair with the shampoo of your choice. Apply a generous amount to damp hair. Wait 3 minutes, then rinse.

For sensitive and chemically treated hair, the product can be used without rinsing. Before chemical treatment or bleaching, it prevents hair breakage and after chemical treatment or bleaching, Reconstru Hair restores moisture to the hair.

Can I use it and leave it in my hair?
YES. Reconstru Hair has a blend of vegetable oils that protect your hair from external damage. When used as a leave-in, it forms a protective film for the hair that protects it all day long.